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As evidenced by recent developments to laws regarding marijuana, same-sex marriage, and the right to carry, laws are constantly changing. An attorney’s legal education doesn’t end after graduating law school and passing the bar exam. On the contrary, these are mere starting points, as an attorney’s legal education continues throughout their career.

The Georgia Bar requires active lawyers in Georgia to attend a minimum of 12 hours of continuing legal education each year. While not required, many attorneys will also use current awareness resources to stay up-to-date with their area of practice. Current awareness resources come in many shapes and sizes, from a magazine or a newsletter, an email alert, or a blog. Each attorney will have their own preference for how they stay abreast of developments in their area of law.

Below you will find a few popular current awareness resources:

Georgia and Atlanta

  • Daily Report (formerly Fulton County Daily Report): The Daily Report is Fulton County’s official legal newspaper and Georgia’s leading source for legal news and information. It focuses on the latest developments in specialized practice areas, court decisions, business developments, and political news.
  • Georgia Bar Journal: A bimonthly publication of scholarly articles, feature articles, updates, rules changes, notices, classified ads and other information pertinent to practitioners in Georgia.
  • The Atlanta Lawyer: A monthly newsletter that provides news and section updates to members of the Atlanta Bar Association.
  • “Review of Selected Georgia Legislation,” Issue 1 of Georgia State Law Review: Annual legislative review that provides the legal community with an in-depth view of the Georgia General Assembly’s activities and the legislative intent behind significant bills.
  • “Annual Survey of Georgia Law,” Issue 1 of Mercer Law Review: Reviews Georgia appellate court decisions that have an impact on major practice areas.
  • “Annual Eleventh Circuit Survey,” Issue 4 of Mercer Law Review: Reviews Eleventh Circuit decisions that have an impact on major practice areas. 


  • ABA Journal: A monthly publication and website that provides breaking legal news, analysis, and stories.
  • ABA Sections: The specialty sections through the American Bar Association are excellent sources of current developments and legal news for a specific area of law.
  • SCOTUSblog: A blog that provides comprehensive coverage of the Supreme Court.
  • Law Professor Blogs Network: The network includes over 40 legal blogs that are edited by law professors. Posts include legal news, information, commentary, and analysis.

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