10 “1L” GSU Law Library Resources

by: Darlene Childers

Courtesy of Flicker: Jesse Michael Nix

Courtesy of Flickr: Jesse Michael Nix

For newly admitted law students, the summer before classes begin can be overwhelming with questions regarding books, schedules, professors, etc…

So, if you are looking for a few introductory resources to answer “What should I expect my 1L year?”, the GSU Law Library is a great place to start:

  1. One L
  2. 1L of a ride : a well-traveled professor’s roadmap to success in the first year of law school
  3. One L of a year : how to maximize your success in law school
  4. The insider’s guide to your first year of law school : a student-to-student handbook from a law school survivor
  5. The first year law school survival kit
  6. Acing your first year of law school : the ten steps to success you won’t learn in class
  7. Law school : a survivor’s guide
  8. Slaying the law school dragon : how to survive–and thrive–in first-year law school
  9. How to succeed in law school
  10. Law school : briefing for a legal education

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