Microsoft Office for your phone


You just thought of the perfect opening sentence for your environmental law paper, but your at the gym – miles away from a computer. Or you want to review your professor’s PowerPoint presentation from last class, but you forgot to print them out prior to boarding the train. Law students are constantly on the go, shuffling class time, externships, classes, and student organizations, not to mention their outside of law school lives.

For Georgia State students who need to access and edit documents when they are away from their computers and laptops, their is a solution. Using your Campus ID and Password, you have access to two services that will allow you to not only save Word documents to cloud storage, but also access documents in the cloud storage, and create and edit documents on your smart phone. The best part of all, these services are absolutely FREE to current students.

Using OneDrive (also called SkyDrive), students can save files to the OneDrive cloud and access them on their computers, tablets, and phones. For information on how to access OneDrive, refer to the Using OneDrive post by GSU IS&T.

In order to access, edit, and create documents from your smart phone, you will need to download Office 365 Mobile. This service allows students to access Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in their OneDrive account, and also edit and create Word and Excel documents. To find out more information on how to download Office 365 Mobile, refer to the Download Office 365 Mobile post by GSU IS&T. 

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