Survival Guide: College of Law Library

By Darius Wood

Behind the trepid 80’s décor lies a modern two-floor library that holds a variety of legal, professional, and general resources. 

On reserve you can find everything from headphones to course textbooks for every course currently taught. A few key items are:

  • Earplugs
  • Projector Kits
  • The Bluebook
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Flash Cards (Torts, Contracts, Federal Income Tax, etc.)
  • AudioCaseFiles [CD’s] (Civil Procedure, Corporations, Bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Flip Video Cameras
  • Chargers (Apple, Andriods, and Labtops)

The Reference Collection includes:

  • Study Aids, but because you cannot study 12 hours straight…
  • Movies (How I Met Your Mother, Lincoln, The Hunger Games, etc.)
  • T.V. Shows (Downton Abby, Suits, Matlock, Scandal, etc.)

Additionally, the library provides a number of resources online:

  • Study Room Reservations 
  • Exam Archive
  • GIL-Find Your one-stop place to find out if a book or other document is available in the Law or Main University Library
  • Tip: Try Worldcat, if you cannot find it on GIL. It will search libraries around the world for that rare book or document. The World is your oyster

Planning an all-day excursion to the library? Well, these are your essentials…

  • Quick Bites: Waffle House, Willy’s, Panthers Club (Chick-fil-a, Pounce Deli, State Place Grill, etc.), The Courtyard (The Carving Board, Far East Fusion, etc.)
  • Coffee: The Courtyard (Starbucks brewed), Einstein Bros. Bagels, Waffle House, and Seattle’s Best Coffee (2nd floor vending machine)
  • Microwaves: Located on 2nd and 6th floors of Urban Life
  • Fridge: Located on 2nd floor of Urban Life

Other things include:

  • Bookeye Scanners (Located in alcove)
  • Magazines (Located in reading room)
  • Book Swap (Located across from reference collection)
  • *PILA auctions off a study room for the whole semester every year

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