Welcome! Things to know…

Image downloaded from Wikimedia Commons

Image downloaded from Wikimedia Commons

Welcome Law Students and Faculty!

What a special fall semester for all of us. This time next year those of us who haven’t graduated will be bustling around our new building, learning our way to the new classrooms, and trying to find the closest and best place to eat. Those of us in the library will most likely be in shock from all the natural light we’ll be exposed to in our glassy, penthouse digs…but that’s a year away. Let’s focus on the here and now and accomplish what’s at hand- the first week of classes!

Here are a couple things you may be interested in knowing:

Locker Rental (Law Students Only)  /  $35  /  Apply online here: https://insidelaw.gsu.edu/locker-rental/

Fridge (Law Students Only)  /  2nd floor  /  See 4th floor receptionist with your PantherCard to get the combination

Microwave  /  2nd & 6th floors

Software [Microsoft Suite, etc.]  (ALL GSU students, faculty, staff)  /  FREE  /  http://technology.gsu.edu/technology-services/it-services/email-and-file-storage/panthermail/microsoft-office-suite-students/

Printing from your laptop or phone (GSU Students Only)  /  Instructions available here: http://technology.gsu.edu/technology-services/it-services/labs-and-classrooms/computer-labs/pantherprint/

Textbooks  / On reserve at Law Library Circulation Desk  /  3 hrs at a time

Study Rooms (Law Students Only)   /  To reserve rooms visit:  https://insidelaw.gsu.edu/   Events tab > Study Room Reservations  /  Visit Law Library Circulation Desk to check out key

Study Aids to help you better understand your coursework  /  lower level Law Library, near the Reference Desk

We hope you have a great first week, and be forewarned, the rest of the school starts back on Monday!

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