Pet Pictures and Student Surveys

Library SurveyBig things are happening here at the GSU Law Library.  Well, maybe not big things, but important things.

First, we’re in the midst of our annual student survey.  Every year we send out a survey to the students to get their take on things.  We use this information to make all kinds of decisions from library policies to programming to  activities.  Think of it this way- for just 5 minutes of your time you get a better, more comfortable, and more responsive library.  That’s worth it, right?  If you think it is, the survey is available right here.

Next, we need your pet pictures.  To lighten the mood during finals, the library will be displaying student, faculty, and staff pet pictures on the public access computers and active learning area screen.  We already have quite a few faculty and staff submissions, so don’t miss out on showing off your favorite pet. Send your pictures to Patrick Parsons at

Big Lola

Big Lola Parsons



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