Visualize What?

Networked digital information creates many new opportunities. One is visualizations.

Humans have the ability to understand and interpret visual representations quickly. Pouring over millions of documents or data points to gain a similar understanding could take years if not a lifetime.

Computers, on the other hand, have the ability to crunch millions of megabytes with speed and ease–while possessing no end understanding or interpretation(I hope).  Computers are also very good at rendering visual representations.

Take, for example, Fastcase and CourtListener citation visualizations:

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Or West Monitor Suite and Docket Navigator judicial visualizations:

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Information is quickly communicated and manipulated.

What data sets or corpora should we be examining?  What questions should be asked?  And how should answers be presented visually for maximum understanding? Data manipulation and end visualization is completely dependent on the question(s) being asked.

What do you want to know?




One thought on “Visualize What?

  1. I built based on data and visualizations from misdemeanor criminal cases.

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