Need a break?

By Trina Holloway, Head of Collection Services


You have been in law school for almost two months now, and you may be thinking, “when is the next break?” Well, the next break is not until November, but, there are several ways the law library can assist in helping you to take law exams and papers off your mind for just a few minutes.


“Professor Fowke plays multiple games while RBG watches on…”

Did you know the Law Library has a wonderful “Leisure” collection? It’s a perfect opportunity to read about something other than Torts, Constitution Law, Criminal procedures, etc. – you get the point. If you’re not in the reading mood, we also have plenty of DVD’s you can enjoy as well. Both collections are located on the fifth floor across from the Technology Desk.

Maybe you’re into games? The Law Library has these as well! We have board games and cards that can be checked out at the Circulation desk, as well as the quick games on the big monitor. You can challenge a friend or the computer to a game of chess, or enjoy playing solitaire, doing a crossword or word search puzzle.

There is also what we like to call the “puzzle option.”  This break can be exactly as short or as long as you want, depending on how many pieces you find or how “sucked in” you get. The puzzle is located in the Reference Desk area. Not only will you be able to contribute to the puzzle, but you will meet the great staff that works at the Circulation Desk and a fantastic Librarian who could help you with your future research needs.

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