Meet Your Peers Virtually Using WebEx

While, currently, you are unable to make use of our study rooms due to the pandemic, you can still have a virtual study room of your own via Webex – an online platform provided to you by GSU. It’s very similar to Zoom and allows you to meet with people virtually and share your desktop, files, etc.

To access WebEx, you can host virtual meetings at GSU Technology’s WebEx page. You will have to log in with your CampusID and Password. This link provides the steps you can use to secure the WebEx session on Windows and Mac desktops, as well as information on updates and usage tips. You can also download WebEx on your iOS or Android device – It is very accessible!

WebEx has a “personal room” that allows you to meet instantly and schedule meetings. You can start the room and allow people to pop in and out as they like. I think it’s an excellent option for a study group.

Once all of your group members are in, you can lock the meeting so no one else can intrude!

You can also share your screen and documents with your peers!

Additionally, you can assign roles to people within the group. For example, you may want to designate someone as the note taker. Or, maybe you want to “pass the ball” to someone else to present.

Similar to Zoom, WebEx also allows the user to change or blur their background image. These options may differ depending on what type of device or desktop you use.

Law IT has prepared three short tutorials on using WebEx, each under 3 minutes: Technology WebEx Related Resources. Included are tutorials on scheduling and launching WebEx meetings, as well as an audio tutorial. You can be up and ready to go with your study group session in just over two minutes!

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