Meet Dan Quiggin

This post is the continuation of an “in-depth” interview series with new librarians and staff at Georgia State University College of Law Library. See earlier installments here.

We introduce our new librarians and staff at Georgia State University College of Law Library with a questionnaire invented by Austin Williams, which is borrowed in spirit, if not in part, from Marcel Proust’s famous questionnaire.

PXL_20221003_124857746.PORTRAITAustin (if he were still here): What is your name and what do you do?

Dan: – My name is Dan Quiggin, and I am a data analyst in the Legal Analytics and Innovation Initiative. Informally, I take care of the math side of legal analytics!

A: How long have you been at Georgia State University College of Law Library? 

D: I have been at the College of Law for about two months, but associated with Georgia State University for a little over nine years.

A: What books are currently on your nightstand (or Kindle)?

D: The book I’ve spent the most time reading recently is Statistical Inference, by George Casella and Roger Berger – but on my nightstand is one of my wife’s favorite books, In The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce.

A: What is an interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?

D: Aside from 2020, I have not missed a single DragonCon since moving to Atlanta.

A: What is your favorite place in Atlanta (so far)?

D: My back patio, with a glass of bourbon and a good book (at least at this time of year!)

A: When you are not saving the world here at GSU Law Library, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

D: I like to read, cook, and play video games, and I’m also active in some volunteer circles.

A: Lastly, what is your favorite vacation spot? The place you go to leave it all behind for a few days.

M: My in-laws have a cottage in North Georgia, by Dahlonega (though I don’t get there as often as I’d like!)

There you have it, folks. The complete, unedited, behind-the-scenes interview with Dan Quiggin.

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