Baseball & The Law

It’s playoff time here in Atlanta, something people have not been able to say since 2005.  For that reason, I encourage anyone who has the chance to go out and support your local team this postseason.  Many law students can use the playoffs as relaxation in the midst of upcoming midterms and papers.

One might wonder what business does a law library blog have talking about baseball?  Baseball and law have been very interconnected over the past century.  Several former managers, and current St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, have law degrees.  Additionally, one cannot forget about the steroid saga and its legal implications in baseball over the past several years.

But still, what does this have to do with the library?  Like everything in the world, if something is important enough, a book will be written about it.  The College of Law Library has several books for anyone interested in law and baseball.  Here are just a few:

For additional books, please go to the following link.

For more information on the Atlanta Braves’ playoff run.

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