No, You Are Not Crazy

Image by Flickr user jasonlparks

Image by Flickr user jasonlparks

Law school exams can do crazy things to your brain, but if you’re worried that you’ve been imagining the library staff wandering around and seemingly staring vacantly at the books lately, we just want to reassure you that you’re okay. Once a year, we go around the whole library, doing “shelf reading”. That’s a fancy way of saying we’re making sure the books are all in the right order and lined up nicely together so they’re easy to find when you go looking for them. We also look for books that may have been damaged, to see if we can repair or replace them. We go book by book and row by row. Yes, it is absolutely as thrilling as it sounds.

Although we only formally do this project once a year, we also keep an eye out for problems throughout the year, whenever we happen to be out in the stacks. If you ever notice a book out of order, or about to fall apart, just let us know, and we can take care of it.

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