Top Blawgs

Image by Flickr user futureshape.

Image by Flickr user futureshape.

Recently the ABA Journal named its 2012 “Blawg 100,” the 100 best legal blogs (or “blawgs”) out there. The list includes some of our old favorites, like Law and the Multiverse (seriously, love that blog), but some others that deserve mention:

Abnormal Use: Abnormal Use focuses on products liability litigation, including litigation about football turf and the Star Wars prequels.

The Careerist: The Careerist provides tips and advice on getting and managing a job in the law, including some helpful chats with partners at top firms about what they’re looking for when they hire.

Circuit Splits: Every student who makes law review hears it – “Circuit splits make great note topics.” The Circuit Splits blog provides an easy way to get the latest information on areas of the law where the circuits disagree.

Hollywood, Esq.: There are a lot of lawsuits in Hollywood. A lot. This blog from the Hollywood Reporter covers them all, whether they relate to movies, TV shows, music, you name it.

The Jury Room: Keene Trial Consulting provides practical advice and information on how to make the best impression on a jury, often using examples from their own cases.

LawProse: Want to know how to write more effectively? Follow this blog from Bryan Garner, the guru of legal writing. Garner provides a usage tip of the day and answers questions about usage and style.

Lowering the Bar: You can get a sense of what this blog covers from the post categories. Assorted Stupidity. Lawsuits (Ridiculous). The Inexplicable. Make sure to check out the Case Law Hall of Fame.

Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home: Covers information on any aspect of labor and employment law, including on just what can and can’t get you fired and myths about employment laws. It also may win the contest for best  blog name.

Supreme Court Haiku Reporter: Can’t read through the whole opinion? You can get a sense of it in three lines. (Note that reading haiku instead of the cases will not be enough to get you through being called on in class. Or your exams.)

ZombieLaw: Whenever zombies show up in legal documents, this blog is there, complete with pictures of senators, judges, etc. as zombies.

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