A Nicer Place to Sit: A Parable

by Julia Hightower


Last semester, Austin Williams and Deborah Schander found an uncatalogued book in the stacks. While the author is unknown, authorities agree it is likely the last journal of a former law student. Sadly, within its pages was an entry many of us can relate to.

“Hour 2 in my search for a Clean Restroom:

My bags have become too heavy to carry. I’ve abandoned them in an empty locker. I pray they will remain safe until my return. Rations are low. Moral is poor. If a nicer place to sit is not found soon, I fear the worst.”

This journal’s haunting last entry got the reference librarians thinking, “How can we improve the libraries amenities for the poor lost souls, I mean law students, who spend so much time here?” They reviewed last year’s library survey, but not enough people filled it out to give them a cohesive idea of what the student population wanted. (Seriously, go fill out the survey. They listen!) So they took the next logical step. They convened the panel of your peers known as the “Law Library Advisory Committee” and asked for ideas. In response your library, your home away from home, went through a MAJOR upgrade:

  • First, they succeeded in replacing the old water fountain with a Hot and Cold Filtered Water Fountain. Go! Rejoice! Make Tea!
  • The Library purchased board and card games for your entertainment. Said games, available at circulation, may be checked out for 3 days. Take them home over the weekend and host a board game night.
  • Thinking about skipping class because your laptop is dead? We have laptop chargers for checkout.
  • Is your smartphone dying? Ask circulation if they have a smartphone charger which fits it!
  • And last, but certainly not least, the restrooms now have toilet seat covers.

Let this parable be a lesson to you. Change can come!

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