Faculty Reading List – Summer 2017

Reading_a_book_by_the_beachDid you ever wonder what your professors read in their spare time?  They certainly don’t sit around re-reading cases do they?

Of course they don’t! We asked the faculty if they had any suggestions for summer reading, and the did!  Without further ado, here are the GSU Law Faculty Summer Reading Suggestions.  We buy all the books on the list so see the hyperlinks for book descriptions and the Leisure Collection (to the right of the Ref Desk) to borrow.


1.  Lynn Hogue

2.  Nirej Sekon

3. Ramsi Woodcock

4. Jonathan Todres

5. Pam Brannon

6. Jonathan Germann

7. Kris Niedringhaus

8. Meg Butler

9. William Edmundson

10. Leslie Wolf

11. Lisa Radtke Bliss

12. Julian Juergensmeyer

13.  Tim Kuhner

14. Caren Morrison

15. Yaniv Heled


AND, last but certainly not least

15. Patrick Parsons



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