That’s What I Call Good Television

by Mark Stuckey

tv by flickr user sarahreido

image by flickr user sarahreido

Now I don’t always watch television series, but when I do I watch all 8 seasons in 3 days. Given my busy law school schedule, I want to consume as much television as possible in the short time available. Luckily, I am able to binge on my televisual vice thanks to Netflix. Netflix steaming allows you to watch your (new) favorite television programs back to back without the hindrance of commercials. I was skeptical at first, but I have joined the drooling masses and will never look back. I would like to share with you a truncated list of shows that should occupy your bandwidth and time. Believe me, they’re worth it.

The first show that you should be watching or better yet re-watching is Arrested Development. Arrested Development follows the trials and tribulations of the Bluth family, but especially Michael, “the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together”. Without giving too much away, the series revolves around the antics of the self-interested members of this dysfunctional family. By the time you finish watching, you will almost feel like your family is normal. Arrested Development is rich with a talented cast (Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, David Cross), and some of the most learned writing of any series out there.  The fourth season recently dropped on Netflix, and there are rumors of a fifth season and possibly a movie. So get caught up! It won’t be a huge mistake! For more information on Arrested Development check out this site.

Next, you should be watching Mad MenMad Men follows Don Draper, a successful Ad Man who seems to have it all. Mad Men is near the top of my list, because of the detail of costumes and settings (early 60’s), the social and political commentary, and the unending barrage of twists and turns. Mad Men just wrapped up its sixth season on AMC, but you can watch seasons 1-5 on Netflix. Learn more about Mad Men here.

If you have ever had a job in a big company, you need to watch Better Off Ted. Better Off Ted follows protagonist, Ted Crisp, the loveable and handsome Head of R and R at the “soulless conglomerate” Veridian Dynamics. The series is a satirical commentary on the absurdities of the modern corporate structure, but is more importantly hilarious!  Better Off Ted only had two seasons, but boasts a substantial cult following and for good reason. Check out the Wiki before you watch.

Finally, if you are ready for a time suck then Lost is the series for you. Lost follows a group of stranded air travelers on a mysterious island, and while the plot is reminiscent of “Lord of the Flies” (which I was grudgingly forced to read in 8th grade) Lost’s payoff is much greater. There are few television shows that can build this much gratuitous suspense and get away with it. However I caution you, this series will hook you. So be prepared to not have a social life (not that you have time for one anyway). Check out Lostipedia for spoilers and more info on the series.

Above is a list of my must see series on Netflix and I hope you enjoy them. Comment below and if you have a favorite series that you think I should watch, let me know!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • American Dad
  • 30 Rock
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Walking Dead

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